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The Many Expressions of John

A couple weeks ago, my friend John asked if I could take some portraits of him, that he could use as professional headshots.


John is one of the most expressive people I know.  He has a great gift for storytelling, which comes with a myriad of wonderful facial expressions!


My goal for these portraits was to capture the essence of John’s warm and entertaining personality.


We’ll start with the “Inquisitive Professor Look”.

headshot Calgary


It was highly likely that I said or did something ridiculous here to elicit laughter!   This was purposeful, because John has a fantastic laugh that lights up his face!

Jack singer concert hall photograph


The genuine smile two seconds after the laugh:

professional headshot Calgary


This last one is my favourite of the lot.

photography jack singer concert hall


Thanks John, for allowing me the rare privilege of photographing you!


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