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An Unexpected Arrival

If Aaron could speak in full sentences, this is what I think he was saying:

“Auntie Teresa, what is THIS?  Ooooo….”

Vanderhoof Child Photographer Teresa Rehmann


“It’s my new puppy!”

Vanderhoof Pet Photography


While I was visiting Vanderhoof, Chris and Kelsey adopted a 10 week old puppy into their family!  He is a handsome and good-natured chocolate lab/golden retriever cross.


In homage to German family roots, the puppy was given the name Reinhardt.

Vanderhoof Pet Photography


Chris and Kelsey decided to be jokers and post the following completely truthful statement on Facebook:


“A little unexpected… But the newest Rehmann has arrived!! It’s a BOY!! Pictures of little Reinhardt to follow soon.”


The pictures of little Reinhardt were taken on his first family walk – with the littlest Rehmann still snuggled safely inside Kelsey!

Vanderhoof Family Photography and pet photography


We never had pets growing up, and so that is why I think my brother was probably the most excited about the puppy – it’s his first pet!

Family photography in Vanderhoof BC


I think this one is my favourite.


Smiles from Aaron with an “I love my new puppy!” expression on his face.

Vanderhoof Pet Photography


Still okay with a little mitten licking…

Vanderhoof Children


A dog that is his height, trying to lick his face?  Not so much.

Vanderhoof Family Photography


Reinhardt already fits perfectly into your family, and I know he instantly wiggled his way into your hearts!

Vanderhoof Family Photography

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