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Watson Family Photos in Confederation Park

Confederation Park is a popular setting for both wedding photography and family photography in Calgary.  With a pretty creek, lots of bridges, and trees meant for climbing, it’s not hard to see why!


There are lots of shady spots from all the trees, which generally creates flattering light for portraits.  There is lots of pretty light filtering through trees, which can add a magical quality to images.  Trees to climb make kids genuinely happy during a photo session.  It’s also a large park, which means it is possible to find lots of great locations without getting in anyone else’s shot.


If you are considering having outdoor family portraits taken, this is a great central location in Calgary!


I went with the Watson family for a Saturday afternoon walk through Confederation Park.  It was especially lovely during autumn, when the ground was covered in a golden carpet from all the poplar leaves.


We passed quite a few other portrait and wedding photographers, but still managed to find some pretty places to capture some fun portraits, capturing the personalities of Ian and Shari, Julia and Anna!


confederation-park-teresa-rehmann teresa-rehmann-confederation-park


I love telling people to make their silliest face!   It’s always fun to see the resulting different expressions, and it generates some good laughter for subsequent photos!


I think a lot of love is conveyed in these next couple of portraits!



A bit of personality shines through here too!


See – perfect trees for climbing!  Julia definitely thinks so!



I love these ones of Anna.  The cute result of telling her to open her eyes wide, and then a genuine smile a few seconds later.


I had a lot of fun capturing you – thanks Watsons!



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