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How To Get Great Family Portraits With Silly Kids

During our time in Ottawa, we had the chance to visit with some good family friends – Andrew, Liz, Kate, and Will.  Andrew and my husband Cameron have known each other since they were toddlers, but this trip to Ottawa was the first time I’ve had a chance to get to know them a bit better, since we were living in NZ and they were living in the US.


We spent some time on a sunny afternoon, taking some family photos at the park where Andrew and Liz had their own wedding photos taken.


When we met up, Liz mentioned a concern to me, “I’m not sure how this will go, because Will is six, and well, he acts like a six year old boy…”


It was all good though!


Now you’ve got some fantastic embarrassment material for when he’s, oh 25 or so.

And you’ve also got some lovely portraits of your family!  Cameron gets credit for this one – he’s an excellent photographer.


He is also the secret silly sauce behind getting genuine smiles and laughter out of both kids and adults!

I love photos like this one, that show the genuine personalities and happiness of everyone in them.

Andrew and Liz have been married for 15 years and they are a lovely couple!

Giving your sibling a bear hug is encouraged!

I also highly encourage making your best silly face!

Who wouldn’t have a smile on their face if they had successfully climbed a tree and felt like a monkey?  I find that playing and having fun during photo sessions makes everyone more relaxed and expressions more genuine.

Thanks for a fun time, friends!  Looking forward to seeing you again the next time we’re in Ottawa!

PS – To other parents out there – in this situation, the promise of post-photo gelato was a helpful tool to elicit child cooperation.  I’m also a teacher and despite what the “experts” say, bribery in the form of sugar is highly effective.

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